Fashion Dreamer (Nintendo Switch) - 70

Syn Sophia finally brings the world of fashion to Nintendo Switch. Fashion Dreamer is a game full of possibilities, clothes and patterns where Likes have devoured every possible story. A beautiful and stylish title whose biggest enemy is its gameplay loop and progression.

Just Dance 2024 Edition (Nintendo Switch) - 72

Just Dance continues to make small steps towards its new evolution as an on-demand song service. Despite new inclusions like the Sweat Mode, its real weight lies in the constant updates throughout the year and in the ever-growing catalog of Just Dance +. This year, the game doesn't feel like just another installment, but rather an extension of a huge musical library.

Persona 5 Tactica (Nintendo Switch) - 80

Persona 5 Tactica showcases just how well-built the Persona 5 universe is, and even though its story is a mere pretext, it surprises with its gameplay based on the tactical role-playing genre

Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch) - 90

Nintendo and Square Enix have turned Super Mario RPG into a very accessible and enjoyable contemporary game for all players. Its dynamic combat and world exploration create an awesome combo, resulting in one of the best and most original JRPGs on the Nintendo Switch.

WarioWare: Move It! (Nintendo Switch) - 78

WarioWare delivers a new batch of brilliant minigames, although it has some issues, such as a somewhat slow and dull selection of multiplayer modes, and a slightly short duration.

Super Mario Bros Wonder (Nintendo Switch) - 92

Although the Power-Ups and bosses may not be the best part of this Super Mario Bros game, the desire to constantly surprise the player and an excellent and smooth gameplay system make it one of the best 2D platformers in history.

Detective Pikachu Returns (Nintendo Switch) - 70

A game that can be enjoyed without any problem by die-hard Pokémon fans looking for original stories beyond the main games of the franchise. The younger ones will overlook its outdated graphics and will be captivated by the fantastic recreation of Pokémon in a realistic world.

Pokemon Scarlet / Pokemon Violet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero - Part 1: The Teal Mask (Nintendo Switch) - Unscored

If you enjoyed the main game, dive fearlessly into Kitakami in The Teal Mask. Its story is on par with the main game and will add a bunch of new Pokémon and revamped territory to expand the experience

Super Bomberman R 2 (Nintendo Switch) - 62

Konami hasn’t put in all the effort it should’ve in Super Bomberman R 2. The new modes and innovations compared to the classic Bomberman aren’t particularly enjoyable and underutilize a very powerful gameplay core. Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch version suffers from performance and resolution issues.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope: Rayman in the Phantom Show (Nintendo Switch) - Unscored

While Rayman's appearance in the game is simply justified by fan service, it's evident that the Mario + Rabbids team has put a lot of care and dedication into the character to give him the respect he deserves. The Phantom Show provides an adventure that matches the quality of the other game worlds and leaves us feeling satisfied.

Samba de Amigo: Party Central (Nintendo Switch) - 72

Samba de Amigo Party Central becomes a must-have for the Nintendo Switch to break the ice at parties. Despite some issues with motion controls, its eye-catching characters and music will get anyone up and dancing to steal the spotlight on the dance floor. A fun title that offers a variety of modes for both solo and group play.

Blasphemous II (Nintendo Switch) - 81

Blasphemous II is a sadistic and challenging metroidvania that draws on Spanish folklore to build an atmosphere that absorbs from the very first second. It's more ambitious than its predecessor, offering richer combat and more varied challenges, but it relies too heavily on certain resources that sometimes feel repetitive and its cryptic story may not be to everyone's liking.

Red Dead Redemption (Nintendo Switch) - 85

Rockstar brings Red Dead Redemption to the Nintendo Switch with a simple, notable, and very stable adaptation in its performance. The years have not been kind, and the control system feels even more rough and stiff than before. The lack of motion controls makes it less user-friendly for new players and would have helped add agility to a game that impresses in handheld format, but feels quite dated.

Disney Illusion Island (Nintendo Switch) - 56

Disney Illusion Island has a special value for being a Metroidvania-style game with multiplayer mode for up to four people, but the incorrect camera setup and uninspired artistic design and level design make it an adventure that doesn't live up to Disney's most important character.

Pikmin 4 (Nintendo Switch) - 92

Nintendo has grown and evolved the Pikmin franchise to become one of their best franchises with Pikmin 4. Excellent in terms of visuals and very accessible to all audiences, it is an entertaining, relaxing, and immersive game that will put your organizational skills into practice in a hyper-realistic and charming world.