Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon (Nintendo Switch) - 85

Bayonetta isn't just about non-stop action, and she has shown that in Cereza and the Lost Demon with an adventure that puzzle-loving, story-driven, and exploration-seeking fans will absolutely adore.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) - 79

A simple and entertaining Kirby game that isn't particularly original or creative, but includes a lot of extras to further enjoy a remarkable platformer, both alone and in company.

Octopath Traveler 2 (Nintendo Switch) - 83

A huge and beautiful adventure full of good stories with an addictive gameplay that surpasses its predecessor in almost everything, but still falters when it comes to connecting its characters.

Tales of Symphonia Remastered (Nintendo Switch) - 78

A mediocre remastering job, but one that serves to rescue an exceptional game, with the addition of a multiplayer mode and portability that allows it to be played more comfortably than ever.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line (Nintendo Switch) - 80

A challenging and fun musical RPG title that anyone can enjoy, but fans of the Final Fantasy saga and its soundtracks will love. Loading times are a bit frequent on Nintendo Switch, although we think it's the best platform to enjoy the game due to its portability.

Metroid Prime Remastered (Nintendo Switch) - 91

Metroid Prime Remastered is an exceptional game, impressive at all levels and the living proof that the series can be taken much further than its two-dimensional adventures. Somewhat uneven, but visually outstanding, its controls are superbly adapted to the Nintendo Switch, setting a precedent for the series.

Oddballers (Nintendo Switch) - 65

Oddballers is a fun, varied game with a lot of possibilities, especially in local multiplayer. The lack of optimization in the Nintendo Switch version, as well as the lack of character voices, makes it feel less cool and well-made than its predecessor.

Persona 4 Golden (Nintendo Switch) - 85

Persona 4 Golden returns on the latest generation consoles to revive one of the best JRPG adventures in history. Although some visual elements expose the limitations of its initial version on Playstation Vita, this does not harm it too much and allows you to enjoy a very interesting story full of plot twists.

Fire Emblem Engage (Nintendo Switch) - 83

Its story is not as good and impactful as Three Houses or Awakening, but in terms of gameplay it is the most cutting-edge and advanced Fire Emblem game to date.

Inscryption (Nintendo Switch) - 86

Inscryption is a journey that will not leave you indifferent. Although his constant desire to surprise the player leads him to take many risks, it achieves what it sets out to do in most cases.

Just Dance 2023 Edition (Nintendo Switch) - 72

Just Dance looks better than ever with a great visual update, preparing for the future of the series and adapting to modern times without forgetting its roots. The subscription service, Just Dance+, needs time to grow and, for now, we don't think it's worth it due to its low amount of content.

Pokémon Violet (Nintendo Switch) - 68

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have failed as open-world games. Its premise with three routes seems original, but it becomes a repetitive task in which some mini-games in the gyms are really boring. Although the Pokémon are better recreated than ever in their wild environments, the overall performance of the game is terrible, affecting the gameplay and giving the impression that we are playing an incomplete game.

Sonic Frontiers (Nintendo Switch) - 85

Sonic takes Nintendo Switch to the limit with a strange open world in its own way, very funny and entertaining to play. It draws inspiration from some of the best open world games to please all kinds of gamers.

Aeterna Noctis (Switch) - 77

Aeterna Noctis surprises you with its high difficulty and charms you with its addictive gameplay. A metroidvania that brings together elements of great games to create a big universe, that although it shines with its own light, it doesn't end up innovating, but it does very well what it sets out to do.

It Takes Two (Nintendo Switch) - 96

It Takes Two is capable of bringing two people together and transmitting a lot of emotions guided through a beautiful story of love and heartbreak, told with a lot of jokes and simplicity. Hazelight proved that they have been able to face all the technical challenges of the console, leaving us with a wonderful version.